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Aromatic Spice Infusion:
Top Notes (T): Saffron, Ginger, Orange
Middle Notes (M): Geranium, Clove, Rose
Base Notes (B): Patchouli, Amyris, Musk

Embark on a sensory journey with our Aromatic Spice Infusion, a fragrance that unfolds like a tapestry of exotic spices and florals. The top notes of saffron, ginger, and orange create a tantalizing and uplifting introduction. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of geranium, clove, and rose impart a floral richness and depth. The composition culminates in a warm and lingering embrace with the base notes of patchouli, amyris, and musk. Immerse yourself in the enchanting layers of this perfume, where spice, floral, and musky elements harmonize to create an experience that is both captivating and sophisticated.

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