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Molded mount cases (lanyard/strap sold separately)
Built for the urban jungle and constant traffic. Strong cast mounts hold very reliably (passed the crash test)!

We have 5 colors of such covers to choose from. Choose your favorite ;)

Made of TPU material — thermoplastic polyurethane. It combines the strength of plastic and the flexibility of silicone.

Such covers are wear-resistant, durable and maximally protect the smartphone body from shocks, scratches, and dust. And they are simply pleasant to the touch and cause aesthetic pleasure.

Please note: the color of the cover may differ slightly from what you see in the photo.

Handling: MODIcases are loved when gently used, photographed and recommended to friends. They do not like when:

  • they break and bend: the case is strong, but it has its limit;
  • wipe with caustic agents. This can corrode the outer shell;
  • worn with shedding clothes. Otherwise, the accessory will acquire a different color - that of the object with which it was worn. Then the cover will be difficult to clean.
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24 hours delivery to Riyadh.

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