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Biodegradable covers with cast fastening (cord/strap sold separately)
Being eco is not only cool, but also stylish. Our biodegradable case proves it. It completely decomposes and does not harm nature.

Molded fasteners hold the smartphone surprisingly well. Because they know that it contains all the important information.

4 colors of your mood.

Please note: the color of the cover may differ slightly from what you see in the photo.

Handling: MODIcases are loved when gently used, photographed and recommended to friends. They do not like when:

  • they break and bend: the case is strong, but it has its limit;
  • wipe with caustic agents. This can corrode the outer shell;
  • worn with shedding clothes. Otherwise, the accessory will acquire a different color - that of the object with which it was worn. Then the cover will be difficult to clean.
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